About Us

The idea of Nityasa was born in 2020. Nityasa, which in Sanskrit means ‘sustainability”, is a response from us to global challenges. It was not only to cope with climate change, but also to deal with something that is harmful to our health directly, the Covid 19 pandemic. These situation made us realize that the changes in each different level of our life need to be taken in a sustainable manner, for the sake of the health and well-being of the human and its environment.

We manifested this awareness through our commitment to actively participate in the changes. We formalized the idea to become an engine in accomodating our compassion and expertise as a sustainability consultant, PT Ganitri Nityasa Harita. Hopefully, Nityasa’s journey will color the path of our world significantly towards sustainability.


Contribute in global action for sustainability by promoting low impact development and human wellbeing through our services for Indonesian and international society.


Developing comprehensive assessment to provide strategies for the clients to pursue sustainable goals

Delivering integrated sustainable solutions for the clients to achieve better performance in their business

Transforming the market for the implementation of sustainable practices to conduct the business

Our Founder

Dian Fitria, M.Sc.

Andre Jonathan T., M.Sc.

Hani Listiyani, S.T.

Dian Fitria, M.Sc.

Andre Jonathan T., M.Sc.