Dian Fitria, M.Sc., Ika Dermawan, ST.

Smart building uses technology to deliver useful and consistent experiences in performances,
services and system. Due to climate change and pandemic situation, the implementation of smart
building will be important to deliver sustainability in terms of energy efficiency and wellbeing. The
purpose of the study is to know how critical of smart design through integrated approach to achieve
sustainable performance in building life cycle. Smart lighting design in the office building is the focus
of the study. The research method was using qualitative method with a case study approach on the
building that has been certified under Greenship New Building 1.2. Smart design through sustainable
design approach itself shall consist of these four design tiers: 1) base building design; 2) passive
system; 3) active system; and 4) smart building application. According to the study, the result shows
how critical the integration among the design tiers by considering energy efficiency and wellbeing to
deliver smart lighting system design. Moreover, it can be said that multi-discipline collaboration on
design process is a necessary.


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